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Jul 21, 2012 12:00am PDT
24-year-old james holmes calmly watched the movie along with everybody else, and then he got up and used his cell phone and went out to get his weapons and gear up with a bulletproof vest, a ballistic helmet, gas mask, tactile gloves and gear to cover his throat and legs. holmes went to the front of the theater and hurled two green canisters. >> i saw plumes of smoke. >> reporter: i spoke with emma who was in the theater. she stayed on scene for hours. she tells me she thought it had to be a prapg. >> he was such a nightmarish figure it couldn't have been real. >> then my worst nightmare happened. a guy in the corner had a semiautomatic weapon in his hand. you could see the explosions that were coming from the gun, the shotgun or whatever against the smoke background. >> one victim, a mother was hit in the leg. jay i remember thinking i am not going to die in here. me and my kids are not going to die in here. >> it was chaos. >> he marched up and down the aisle using an arsonal, an assault gun and rifle and two blocks. he shot moments later to reload. police caught him in the parkin
Jul 24, 2012 12:00am PDT
the colorado theater shootings made his first court appearance today. james holmes seemed disoriented and showed no emotion. amma live at the courthouse in centennial, colorado for us tonight. amma? >>reporter: the suspect james holmes just sat there next to his public defender. seemed to almost nod off at times. he was not charged today. that's going to happen next week. today was a chance for the judge to advice him of his rights. >> given the nature of the charges you are currently being held on no bond hold. >>reporter: it was the moment so many had waited for. chance to see accused killer james holmes for the first time since the mass shooting inside midnight showing of the dark knight rises. >> put off looking at his face and eventually i had to get past that and see who the killer was. >>reporter: victims and families only got to see the 24-year-old with the fiery red orange hair. he never spoke but family attorney did. >> family wants to reiterate that their hearts go out to the victims and their families. >>reporter: when asked if they standby their son. >> yes they do. he's
Jul 25, 2012 12:00am PDT
morning. abc news continues to learn more about how the shooting suspect, james holmes, is behaving in jail. they say he spat at guards so often at one point they forced him to wear a face guard. he twitched his eyes while staring at the wall hours after his arrest. he told officers he was the joker. at one point detectives covered his hands with plastic bags to collect gun powder residue. holmes pretended the bags were puppets. >>> and a young man was wounded in the shooting and his wife, this is hugo jackson immediately. his mother, katie, gave birth to him this morning. katie immediately escaped unharmed, but her husband, caleb, was shot in the head. he is in a medically enduced coma at the same hospital where his son was born. his brother says he is improving every day. >> we all know caleb. we know he is a fighter and he will not stay out of that child's life for any length of time. >> the university of colorado hospital reports mom and baby are doing just fine. the immediatelies went to see "the dark knight rises" as their last date night before becoming parents. caleb immedia
Jul 3, 2012 12:00am PDT
break up as katie holmes shock tom with divorce papers. what role scientology might have played in the split. >> we hang with the wildly >> we hang with the wildly successful and offensively?c >> the search is on for mountain lion believed to have attacked from novato. happened in nevada city 60 miles northeast of sacramento. we'll show it to you on the map. 63-year-old man was camping and was in his sleeping bag when malled around 1:00 a.m. sunday morning near the yuba river. authorities said the animal bit and clawed the man then ran away. he was treated and released from the hospital. another attack. american graduate student fighting for his life after being attacked by 2 chimp savagely in south africa. student was standing between 2 fences when one of the chimp reached under an electric fence and grabbed his feet. abc alex with an exclusive tour of that research center tonight. >> as we drove into chimp eden today the first thing you see are signs about wild animals. on our exclusive tour we saw the beautiful and vast reserve teaming with wild life. the chimpen closure electri
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4